Sanskar School, Jaipur

Circular No. 01/2013-14                           Date: 15-04-13



Dear Parents,


I wish you and your family good times, happiness and health always.  A warm welcome to all new students and their parents who are now a part of the Sanskar family.  At Sanskar School, education is not confined to paper and pen alone, along with transmitting skills, we stimulate imagination, motivate students to achieve higher, guide them to solve problems and give them a sense of their own worth.


As facilitator of young learners, we believe that it is important to bring the world outside into the classroom, to apply what they learn from books in their daily life. The school is always ahead in incorporating newness in the classroom execution of lessons. We have introduced BrainCafé Science in this session for classes I to VIII. This will provide an innovative and interactive learning environment where students explore concepts in science, understand underlying principles and develop independent scientific thinking for solving complex, real world problems. The programme will be in addition to the present system of exploration and discovery already prevalent in the school. Beneficiaries are the students as always.


The new School Cinema programme which we have introduced this session is a beautiful amalgamation of short films and questionnaires and activities that would follow. Students break free from the stereo typical thinking and inculcate values , voice opinions, share responsibility, become respectful and empathetic and a wholesome individual. They love, honour, protect and respect their parents and family. Inculcating values in our children is like sowing seeds for a fruitful tomorrow. Together let us take this responsibility to provide an enriching environment and empower the children to become worthy citizens of a global world.


For a smooth session ahead a few reminders, which I would like to bring forward-


Ø  All Saturdays are off for children upto class III and Second Saturday for the whole school.  Children from Class IV to XI have classes on other Saturdays and the timings are 8:00 AM to 12:40 PM.  Teachers stay back for an hour on Saturday.  Just in case you need to see any teacher regarding your child you may drop in between 12:40 PM and 1:40 PM.


Ø  Send your ward in proper uniform and on time. 


Ø  Fill in your ward’s Pupil’s Particulars pages in the school diary at the earliest.


Ø  Keep track of the activities mentioned in the school calendar.


Ø  Encourage your child to participate in House activities.


Ø  Send only vegetarian tiffin to school. Nothing to beat the wholesome meal of parantha and seasonal vegetable.


Ø  Help us to make the children understand that regularity to school is essential.  Leave for outings and social functions can be made as short as possible.  Leave on medical ground must be supported with a medical certificate.


Ø  Regular revision of daily lessons is important for the children at all levels.


Ø  To celebrate birthdays in school, your ward may distribute only sweets / toffees but no gifts for anyone.


Ø  Attend Open House to know the progress of your ward from his/her teachers.  The first Open House is on 20th April 2013, from 8.30a.m. to 11.30a.m. Kindly come and meet your ward’s teachers in the new class.


Ø  Deposit the term fee within the given time – to avoid late fee charges.  Post dated cheques for the next three quarters are to be deposited. Contact the school office for further information.


The school is following Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation as per the norms of CBSE.


Ø  Pre Primary students develop age appropriate skills like concentration, observation, exploration, recognition, phonetics, psychomotor skills and so on.  This is the stage when children are learning to learn. The progress report of the child is not based on assessments or grades but is a record of regular observations made by the teachers.


Ø  Class I to V regular tests, activities and assignment in each subject, help in recording your child’s progress.


Ø  Class VI to X comprises of a series of test, projects and group activities etc. followed by term end examinations under the heads Formative and Summative Assessment.


Ø  Class XI and XII will have periodical tests, semester examinations and Pre-Board examination (XII).  It is essential that these tests are taken seriously for good results at the end of the session.

Thanking all the parents for placing trust in us and anticipating your cooperation in all our endeavours.


Rama Datt (Mrs.)